Argentinian Tango goes Symphonic 


    A symphonic tango concert with the greatest and well known argentinian tangos, milongas and valses criollos as "Milonga sentimental¨,¨Por una cabeza¨, ¨Palomita blanca¨ or ¨El Choclo¨ with the voice of the argentinian singer Analia Selis and at the piano and the orchestral arrangements, the argentinian musician Mariano Castro. Optional, special guest, bandoneonist Omar Massa. More than 30 concerts  already made with different philharmonic orchestras between October 2015 and January 2020 in Romania, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Lithuania.

Analia Selis, well known for her career in commercial music in Romania, Analia directs in the last years her work towards genuine Argentinian music, Tango. The success she had with the two editions of the tours “Do you like Tango?”  with ¨ArgEnTango¨ and with the “Symphonic Tango” project are the proof of the enormous succes that Analia has as a tango singer. ​ (

 Mariano Castro is having a double role in this project – pianist, and arranger . He was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards (2010) for the Best Tango Album category, the album Limanueva, Narcotango. Not only with Narcotango and different ensambles, but also as a solo piano and guitar player, he had been touring over 30 times in Europe, US, Canada and Latin America.

"Tango Simfonic" 


Analia Selis, vocal

Mariano Castro, piano and orchestral arrangements 

Orchestra de Camera Radio, cond. Radu Popa

DVD, complete concert at the Radio Hall, Bucharest, October 2015

Cadenza Adios Nonino/Verano porteño (A.Piazzolla)     

Mariano Castro, piano and orchestral arrangement, Omar Massa, bandoneon

Orchestra Filarmonica Hradec Kralove conducted by Kaspar Zehnder, Czech Republic, 2019

"Tango Simfonic" 

      Excerpts from different 8 concerts with different orchestras

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