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Mariano Castro &  Strings Quartet

A tango  concert/show, with live music by Mariano Castro & Strings Quartet . A jouney through tango´s history, from Angel Villodo to Astor Piazzolla. Including tango dance performances by professional tango dancers. Musical arrangements and direction by Mariano Castro
Mariano Castro & Cvartet Passione -  Luna Tango Concert - Casa Artelor, Bucharest 2016 
​¨Las 4 estaciones porteñas¨ (A. Piazzolla)
Mariano Castro & Cvartet Passione - ¨Tango del Mar¨
Mamaia - Constanta 2016 
​¨Encanto rojo¨ (Fabio Hager)
Luna Tango Concert - Filarmonica Craiova 2016 
Luna Tango Concert - Casa Artelor, Bucharest 2016 
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