Carlos Libedinsky & Mariano Castro

Narcotango members, playing in duet Narcotango´s music, and also new music, touring together in Europe for the first time as a duet in the summer/autumn 2017, and also on 2018 and 2019. Concerts at neolongas, Tango Festivals, world music venues in different cities of Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, France and Romania. In 2020 playing for the first time in UK.
Europa Tour 2017 Carlos Libedinsky feat. Mariano Castro
Bremen, Hannover, Luneburg, Berlin, Nurenmberg, Tubingen, Berlin, heidelberg (Germany), Ibiza (Spain), Rome, Naples (Italy) and Copenhagen (Denmark)
Playing at the beautiful Berlin Hauptbah
Germany weekend tour! Duet Carlos Libedi
Back on tour! Next weekend 🇮🇹.jpg